Attention 1099 Drivers!

We are all eligible for thousands of dollars in FREE Covid relief from the Small Business Administration's PPP program...

But you have to hurry - there is only a week or two left! Click here to get started.

All 1099 Drivers!!!

Just Four Simple Steps...

These are fully forgiveable loans from the US government for independent contractors just like you. Even if you didn't get covid!

Owner operators, contract drivers, transporters - anyone who gets a 1099 instead of a W2 is eligible.

No credit check or score is involved!

Step 1. Gather 1099's and direct deposit info

Step 2.
Apply here using second option

Step 3.
Funds are Direct Deposited

Step 4.
SBA will forgive your PPP loan!

You don't need employees!

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is for ANY business including 1099 contractors. As long as you were in operation before Feb. 15, 2020 and reported 1099 income, you are eligible for up to 2.5x your gross monthly income. No credit score is involved!

This is

2.5 times your monthly gross $

Driver - don't miss out on this program! The Senate extended the program until May but funds will be drying up sooner. You only have about a week or two left to get your application in. 
These loans are fully forgiveable. That makes it free money for you and your family. Even if you didn't catch covid!! 

Were you in operation as of 15 Feb, 2020?

No felonies?

US Citizen?

2019 or 2020 1099 or Schedule C?

Thats it...

Apply now!